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Jude’s Walk

Several years ago we hosted a friend recovering from foot surgery. Exercise was prescribed and it wasn’t to be just swimming. Every morning, she would set off around 8 am, quite a feat if our imbibing had gone late into … Continue reading

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Writing and Ratatouille

My first written language was French, and like children in écôles everywhere, I learned at the age of five to do joined-up writing, as the Brits would say, or cursive as the Americans call it. When I started  second grade … Continue reading

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Rural bliss

There are many ways to find a good restaurant; a personal recommendation from someone whose taste you respect or understand offers you the surest chance of a happy meal. In my travels as a child, when we would arrive in … Continue reading

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Taking the pistou

We are fortunate to have had numerous guests over the seven summers de Nîmes, although this year only the Rock and Asp Idistra have joined us. Soupe au pistou, a Provençal classic, has become the traditional meal to welcome new … Continue reading

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Fired earth

Just past the jewel-like Uzès is the town of Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie, or Saint Quentin the Pottery. It’s a name you can’t resist, really, falling into the same charm category as Upper or Lower Slaughter or Piddle Trentide. The town is built … Continue reading

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True convenience

One thing I don’t miss about living in the UK is negotiating the supermarkets. Invariably I would leave angry — because of the nonsensical arrangement of items — sugar with tea and not with flour and baking goods — and … Continue reading

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We are all terroirists

It was supposed to be a day of chores — well, not exactly chores if that implies a tedious job that must be done at the request of parents. Errands, perhaps? Opportunities? In any case, we had a number of … Continue reading

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