On the road, again

Every day I drive on Cairo’s ring road, perhaps the worst engineered road in the world. It is supposed to circle the city, and at one time it was envisioned to include the pyramids within its circumference. Fortunately UNESCO put a stop to that.

There are amazing sights — crowded vehicles, horrific accidents, terrible jams, and interesting cargos. While this won’t be the theme of this blog, I expect I will regularly publish images of the sights on the road.

These pictures are Moving Furniture.


About Cleopatraknows

I was living and working in Cairo. Now in New York City, which is another city that never sleeps.
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One Response to On the road, again

  1. Talie says:

    Katharine – I look forward to more adventures On the Ring Road! The photograph of the truck on moving day provided a clear window from Maine to Cairo. I like being there through your eyes and words. More please!

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