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Cattle cars

I am fortunate in my commute to and from work. I do not have to drive the car and negotiate the multi-lane road with speeding vehicles, overladen lorries and unexpected hazards. Many other commuters drive themselves or travel on buses, … Continue reading

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This way to the future…

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Ma’adi is Cairo’s Bronxville. Or St. John’s Wood, Chevy Chase or Neuilly. A leafy suburb. Twenty-five years ago it was villas, on numbered roads. Well it still has the numbered roads, which now go up to 280+. I haven’t figured … Continue reading

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Tranquility of form

I find certain art forms — Annunciations for instance — intrinsically pleasing. I like the stillness, the balance between Mary and the Angel, even the subject. This is how Mary found out she was pregnant… no symptoms, no peeing on … Continue reading

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Are blogs the letters of yesteryear?

I love reading memoirs. Last week I finished Life Class by Diana Athill, her collection of memoirs written in the course of her adult life. I also love reading collections of letters. The gossipy, insider language, the references to an … Continue reading

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A Good Friend I Never Knew

It was the title that interested me. Stet. I must have been reading a book review when it caught my eye. The favorite word of the editor who edits as she reads. Stet means, in case you haven’t run across … Continue reading

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On the road, again

Every day I drive on Cairo’s ring road, perhaps the worst engineered road in the world. It is supposed to circle the city, and at one time it was envisioned to include the pyramids within its circumference. Fortunately UNESCO put … Continue reading

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